There Should Be a Name for This Sort of Thing

Recently, The Verge covered an announcement that future USB connectors will finally be reversible. This is great news for anyone who has desperately attempted to correctly orient a USB connector for some hard to reach port while striking a pose that would make yoga instructors wince. At the end of the brief, The Verge gives some credit to Apple for pioneering the reversible Lightening connector.

…the need for a new USB port is in many ways overdue, as recently highlighted by Apple’s sleek Lightning connector

Strangely, this compliment links to an original brief that is fairly critical of Lightening. Posted by The Verge about a month after the announcement and titled Apple’s Lightning connector: a bumpy ride to a new accessory standard, the brief labels the rollout of Apple’s new tech a mess. The piece even makes sure to sprinkle in some doubt when talking to the various benefits of the new connector (emphasis mine.)

With a durable, double-sided, all-digital design, it might be a vast improvement in the long run. 

The writer literally lists significant improvements, mentions no downsides and then, with one word, immediately questions them. Imagine a restaurant review done in the same fashion. “Their delicious food, fantastic ambience, and top notch service might lead to a good dining experience.” Ridiculous, no?

This is a perfect example of one way Apple announcements are often downplayed/negatively spun in the press. Reporters act critical and dismissive initially, then later give credit with a nonchalant comment in subsequent pieces usually about some competitor following suit. Ultimately the once derided announcement will metamorphize into a shining example that can be held up to illustrate how Apple used to innovate when dismissing the next announcement.