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Matter of Fact Gender

Gender and sexuality have always been an interest of mine. They are a major part of individual identity shaped by an unknown blend of biological programming and social engineering. Our lack of understanding ripens both characteristics for personal theories, observations, and stereotyping perfect for water cooler debate and endless musing (another favorite pastime of mine). […]

Apparently customers are worth roughly $12.82 per unit when purchased in bulk.

Bloomberg: Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) agreed to buy Skype Technologies SA for $8.5 billion in cash to gain the world’s most popular Internet calling service and its 663 million customers. Of course this happens right after a I do a post arguing that Ballmer is an unfairly judged CEO who has served Microsoft well despite some […]

Ballmer’s Microsoft

Steve Ballmer is the hand picked successor of a company that just posted record breaking profits. Not just profits reaped from onetime moves such as layoffs or gimmicks, but generated from cultivating existing revenue streams while growing new product lines. He would be infallible at any other company. As the CEO of Microsoft however, Ballmer […]