Tacky and Pointless

Gizmodo has a profile of Tim Cook, the man in charge at Apple while Steve’s away. The article has some very interesting parts, including the story about his hiring. I had always assumed Cook was part of Steve’s posse coming into Apple in 97, but apparently he was a complete outsider. The article also mentions his lack of post graduate education which serves as another reminder that academic success is often not required for success in life.

The disappointment comes from the deliberate focus on Cook’s sexuality. First off, who gives a crap? Second, what does it matter? And finally, why go out of the way to escalate this speculation all they into the article’s title? Allow me to take an educated guess on the first two: nobody (aside from a bigoted minority) and nothing.

That the leaves the third question. Why has Gizmodo put the spotlight on such insignificant speculation? It’s tempting to call this retribution for Apple leaving them out of the Verizon iPhone announcement, but that’s doubtful considering this similarly themed article from 2008. This is more likely a tasteless, if not misguided, act from a site that is not afraid to sensationalize even at the expense of marring it’s own otherwise well-written content.