Different Strokes

A variety of sites have recently reported on the penetration of updates on a variety of Android handsets. The data shows that second most recent release now is installed on 51.8% of phones. Perhaps more interesting is the variety in how this figure has been framed.

First TechCrunch’s take:
But for the sake of this being slightly more fair, let’s compare iOS 4 to Android 2.2 — an OS which came out well before iOS 4. The adoption rate there? 51.8 percent. That’s still pretty pathetic.
The glass is half empty.

Now Gizmodo’s:
Froyo, on the other hand, has smashed its way from 43.4 per cent of all Android versions being used, in December, to 51.8%.
The glass is half full.

To be fair the Gizmodo article does address some disappointment that the number is not larger, but the coverage remains mostly positive.

For what it’s worth, I tend to agree with TechCrunch’s view here. Imagine sheer amount the negative press Apple would receive if updates were so dismally available.