Monthly Archives: September 2016

In Search of a Good Villian

Looks like I am in good company with my take on how the media treats Hillary more harshly than Trump. This past Labor Day weekend, Paul Krugman wrote an excellent piece, aptly comparing this year’s media coverage to that of 2000’s election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. In it, Krugman observes: Yet throughout […]

The Company Who Cried Product

Nick Heer over at Pixel Envy made a similar observation to mine about Google’s penchant for treating concepts the same as products. There’s a press-related angle to all of this, too, that I find particularly fascinating. Google’s PR strategy frequently seems to involve inviting journalists to preview their research experiments. But instead of framing them […]

Goodbye Ara

The Verge’s take on Reuters’ report: Although Project Ara has always seemed a dubious commercial prospect, the news is surprising if only because Google made a renewed effort to push the modular concept at its I/O conference earlier this year, promising a developer version for fall and a consumer release for 2017. I/O to me […]