An Apology

Some time ago, there was all sorts of kerfuffle over GoDaddy’s support over SOPA. I had never been entirely happy with the registrar so I took this as motivation to move my business to a competitor. After dilly dallying for 8 months, I did just that and moved my business to the much more reputable and awesome

Unfortunately while I am a passable web programmer by most standards, I am not entirely familiar with the technologies involved in delivering passable web programming to web browsers. As such, switching registrars was a scary prospect filled with terminology and technology I still don’t fully comprehend. Making matters worse, pressing matters at the day job monopolized whatever remaining brain cells that might have been available to figure this stuff out. All in all this lead to a few days of downtime and that is not acceptable. 

My apologies to whomever this might have affected and deepest thanks to those who continue to read as well as for their top notch support.