Monthly Archives: December 2011

“Consumers will be harmed”

That was claim AT&T made while ending its attempted acquisition of T-Mobile USA in the face of increased FCC and DOJ opposition.In others news, MacRumors’ reported this morning that T-Mobile has tweaked a small portion of it’s network to provide 3G coverage to iPhone users.I can feel the pain already.

Well, there’s one thing Isaacson accomplished. an attempt to correct one of Isaacson’s many apathetic inaccuracies, Rob Stilton has provided his firsthand account of the Think Different campaign. Also unlike the book, this piece provides enough perspective for the reader to understand the gravity of its subject.Let’s hope others follow in Stilton’s foot steps.

In my country, people are…

…sent to kill and die in wars without clear justification.…imprisoned without harming themselves or others.…inhumanely executed, sometimes without reason.…punished for illness and addiction.…persecuted based on faith, sexuality, nationality or race.…hungry and homeless.…greedily taking more and contributing less. These are moral problems.