Monthly Archives: September 2011

Hiring Practices

You are a board member of a computer company that just had a very nasty and public separation with the latest in a series of CEOs, who is currently looking for a replacement. For whatever reason, you and your fellow board members are looking outside to put this company back on track toward long term […]

The Argument For Metro Only Tablets

MetroWindows DesktopCompatibility Efforthighminimal for x86, higher for ARMDesign EfforthighminimalFamiliarity (Dev and User)nonehighDistribution Costs30%variesDistribution ControlminimaltotalDistribution Channelssingle, not yet definedmultiple existingUser baseunknownknownCool Factorcoolnot cool You are a product manager in a Windows software firm. Can you justify the budget required to build a Metro app over simply updating the traditional Windows desktop version?

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

While previewing Windows 8 at its Build conference, Microsoft placed a lot of focus on consistency within the new Metro UI. Jensen Harris made this statement about title positioning during his 8 traits of great Metro style apps presentation: The title [is] spaced the exact same amount from the upper left. He then showed the […]