Monthly Archives: June 2011

Google+ and Advertising

Yesterday Google released Google+, it’s third attempt at social networking after flopping with Wave and Buzz. Google+ already appears to be a more complete solution that its predecessors. No doubt, the project has resulted from significant funding and will require a continued investment for further enhancements to better entice users already embedded in Facebook’s 500 […]

iMovie Pro?

One of the toughest decisions Apple has made time and time again is to rewrite already successful software. Rewrites are avoided by most other companies because: a) they require a ton of work and time, b) will temporarily or permanently remove or change some feature that will inevitably piss off some vocal longtime users, and […]

Belated Notes on WWDC

I have been a bit radio silent for the past couple of weeks and wanted to chime in on all the WWDC stuff. As this is belated, most things have already been said/written so this post will only contain a few points that I haven’t heard already. Lion Mail is worth the 30 bucks alone. […]

Windows 8 Preview

Looks neat. I am wondering how they plan to phase in a completely different tablet UI on a desktop OS with a track record of forgoing innovation for the sake of backward compatibility. Source: