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Playbook vs. Ham

Inspired by this nonsense. PlaybookVirginia HamSugar GlazeNot by defaultYesEmail and Calendar SupportYes (when paired with Blackberry Phone)Yes (when paired with Blackberry Phone)Native AppsLess than 340Goes Well With PotatoesNot reallyDefinitelyTime Till Fully BakedA few months(?)A few hoursPrice$499 and up$1.50 to $3.00 per pound Recommendation: Ham

Why Adobe Is Terrified of HTML Video

Adobe spent over 3 billion dollars on Macromedia for one reason: Flash. The rest of the software gained either had limited appeal (Cold Fusion, Director) or was already marginalized by Adobe’s own software (Freehand). Despite a fantastic install base, Flash itself wasn’t terribly attractive as a niche interactive and animation tool since both markets were […]

Disabling Comments

While I appreciate those with the intention of constructive banter, I have decided to disable comments for the following reasons: I have never been any good at short form discourse.The two most common topics of this blog, tech and politics, also serve as perfect fodder for trolls and flamewars.I am barely efficient enough to write […]

Thoughts on Apple/Samsung Design Dispute

This particular suit appears to have little to do with Android since Apple’s complaint revolves around design similarities with Samsung’s hardware, packaging, and TouchWiz application drawer. In 2010, Samsung’s full year revenue from mobile was roughly $37 billion vs. $33.8 billion from the semiconductor division; however, profits from mobile were less than half at $3.9 […]

Period’s Wilder Cousin

To be fair, Comma had it rough growing up. Always being compared to his older, more established cousin. How do you follow Period!? Nothing follows Period!

Android’s Open Problem

Two months ago I railed against the Samsung for shipping a soon-to-be obsolete Galaxy Tab with a version of Android not designed for Tablets despite Google advising manufacturers to wait for 3.0.Five months before that, I wrote about how Verizon Android phones coming preinstalled with Bing revealed a gap in Google’s strategy. These two topics […]

Black Swan: Ignore The Broken Plot Behind The Curtain

I really wanted to be seduced by the Black Swan’s various themes and scenes ripe with sex, hallucinations, and violence in the same way Star Wars fans wanted to be taken in by a flying R2-D2 in the Phantom Menace. Sadly however, these attempts to placate my quasi-independent film tastes are no substitution for cohesive […]