Monthly Archives: March 2011

Republican Assumption #2: The free market is self-regulating.

The idea that the people benefit when businesses thrive is generally true. Growth in the private sector generates money that creates jobs and enables news investment. The falsity perpetuated by republican conservatives is the more extreme belief that businesses’ success is always good for the people and that a completely unregulated free market will inherently […]

Making The Train

Someone hurries down cement stairs, hurdling themselves precariously from one step to the next toward their destiny. Time slows as fleeting unknown seconds deepen the gravity of the moment. Success vindicates the reckless behavior as a confident action required to seize the day. Failure leaves a helpless fool full of desperation and wasted effort.The stakes […]

Bicycles and Trucks

The iPad and the Mac are separate product families. Their interfaces, form factors and I/O are so dissimilar even a moron in a hurry could tell them apart. Yet despite these differences, iPads perform many of the same tasks as desktops such as connecting to the internet, playing music and videos, and creating and editing […]

Times Drops Olive Branch, Falls On Sword

One would think a newspaper of all things would know how to craft a favorable message, but The New York Times has failed to do just that when announcing their new overpriced subscription model. The new structure limits readers to just 20 articles or features a month, then sets different rates for each method of […]

This Just In: Professor Reveals Human Sexuality In Demonstration!

Some asshole didn’t get the memo that any overt display of human sexuality is a disgusting indulgence that needs to be driven into the shadows by our collective shame. What did he do? He offered a demonstration of female ejaculation in an academic setting for students interested in a first hand look at sexuality. First […]