Monthly Archives: September 2010

What kind of title is this?

This article was on Google News’ spotlight under the following title: A film about the life of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, debuts October 1 While I am generally a fan of informative titling, being a little engaging is necessary especially if you want readers read the full article under a different name.

Way to cite the contemporary to demean a nearly decade old strategy.

Ross Rubin at Engadget has figured out the answer that has been on everyone’s mind for the last 9.5 years: Why has Jobs’ “digital hub strategy died.” Seriously, what mindset made Ross decide to write this half-cocked proclamation? There are many problems with this article, starting with a title that presumes that the PC is […]

Simple Idea That Improves The Lives Of Many idea and from Amtrak no less! I take the Subway and am thankful for the lack of daily cellphone chatter.

A Foul Plan?

Daring Fireball recently pointed to Gizmodo’s Samsung Lightening Review wherein the author (Matt Buchanan) laments being forced by Verizon to use Microsoft’s Bing search engine. As usual, Gruber is quick to point out the obvious “Android is totally open, just usually not by the time of purchase” doublespeak and this is no exception. What is […]

FUD For Thought: HTML 5 Databases Will Swallow Your Soul, Eat Your Children

ArsTechnica posted an interesting article about the use of HTML 5 databases for ad trafficking purpose. While the article does offer some objectivity in the form of a reasonable explanation of why ad networks track, other elements of the article seem to suggest that HTML 5 databases are somehow a greater threat to privacy than […]

Of iTunes 10 and Interface Standards

There has been a lot talk about the design choices made in iTunes 10. Most of the changes seem fairly minor in my opinion and not worth getting to wound up about. The only change that is worth noting is the non-standard vertical alignment of the window controls. I don’t think the 25 pixel savings […]