“Don’t Hold It That Way”

I respect Steve Jobs and generally agree with his (and therefore Apple’s) strategy with the iPhone. Flash is a terrible resource hog that has no business being on the iPhone and curated computing leads to a better user experience. That said, the recent issue people have been experiencing while holding the iPhone 4 in the left hand is inexcusable for the simple fact that all iPhones have been designed to be cradled in the left hand to make the more commonly dominant right hand free for touch screen manipulation. The iPhone volume buttons are further evidence of this as they positioned to be easily pressed by the left thumb when cradled.

This begs the question: how did this get past Apple’s QA process? My guess is that those nifty 3Gs disguise cases were a factor in that they also prevented the issue from appearing on field units.

Hopefully there is a software fix is possible and in the works.