Monthly Archives: February 2009

A lesson in standards gone wrong.

The latest released versions of Windows and Office both sport various UI enhancements. They are the result of two different development teams, so it’s not surprising that they have different UI updates. What is surprising is that these two entirely separate products manage to make the same mistake in two different ways. They both use […]

Why Interfailure?

First off this is a blog about any kind of widget that has human interaction. This can include anything from computers to phones to cars to appliances to coffee mugs. So why create a blog about interfaces? Every moment in modern life is affected by how we interact with widgets. Well designed interfaces provide all […]

Failure Initialized

Welcome This is the start of concept blog about interfaces, form, and function. All potential ramblings spewed from this site come with no expertise and are only the opinions of one consumer. The likelihood of this blog being properly maintained is also tenuous at best.